Wednesday, 28 February 2018


Vestibular integration is one of the important senses for a human and it is one of the earliest developed senses for a fetus. The vestibular system in the inner ear maintains the balance of the body and it helps to maintain the equilibrium and balance of body posture. But, at times, the senses do not get integrated well, as in the cases of vertigo causing many issues to lead a normal, healthy life.
yoga and vestibular integration

But not to worry when there are effective solutions for the same problems right here in our own culture and soil. Yoga, more than being a physical, mental, and spiritual discipline, it is a lifestyle which has the key to solve most of the problems. Yoga in general increases the muscle flexibility improves the energy, maintains a balanced metabolism and protects from injury.

yoga and vestibular integration

People with sensory issues especially those facing vestibular integration find it really hard and difficult to do yoga just because they are afraid of collapsing while performing it. But, the reality is the other way round. Even though initially they may find it difficult to do the yoga postures, Yoga provides you with many poses and exercises to build better balance and thus to solve the sensory integration issues.  Vrksasana, tadasana, utkasana, garudasana are few of the poses that help you gain better control over the body. When the body balance gets improved, it naturally increases the confidence too. Fast paced vinyasa have to be avoided and instead, enough time must be given to set the postures, moving from one to another posture. Yoga blocks and props if used can improve the stability of the body. The breathing exercises improve the ability of the brain to unite with the mind setting it free and clear.  

Yoga when practiced along with the medications, have proved to be producing tremendous change and bringing out inspiring steps.
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