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Cerebral Palsy is a disorder that affects the muscle tone, movement, and motor skills of a child. Cerebral Palsy is also abbreviated as CP and it can also affect other systems of the body in time. Cerebral Palsy as the name renounces, affects the brain and the development of brain. As the development of brain is affected, it may seriously harm other parts of the body, and its development. For example, it can make the child blind, deaf, physically or mentally challenged etc. Population-based studies from around the world report that estimated cases of CP range from 1.5 to more than 4 per 1,000 live births or children of a defined age range.
The first and foremost reason for a child to be affected by cerebral palsy is the delayed cry of the child. As per medical science, the first cry of the baby is very important because, it is this cry that makes the baby take his/her first breath. It takes in oxygen and it reaches the baby’s brain after dissolving in the blood. Baby’s brain development is wholly dependent on this oxygen that reaches through blood by the first cry. So if there occurs a delay in the cry of the baby, it can seriously affect brain development which ultimately leads to the condition of cerebral palsy. It can also occur due to the malnutrition, injury and disease which can occur during the conception time of the mother.


The muscle impairment can be considered as one of the most important signs of cerebral palsy. Along with it, loss of control, balance and coordination over the refluxes can also worsen the condition of the child. The child may also develop a difficulty in swallowing and chewing indicating oral dysfunction. Speech impairment and poor facial muscle tone can also indicate Cerebral Palsy.
Certain abnormal reflexes may also indicate Cerebral Palsy. Hyperreflexia are excessive reflex responses that cause twitching and spasticity. Underdeveloped or lacking postural and protective reflexes are warning signs for abnormal development, including Cerebral Palsy.
Many signs and symptoms are not readily visible at birth, except in some severe cases, and may appear within the first three to five years of life as the brain and child develop.

Ayurveda has been considered not only as a way of treatment but also a style of life too. It is a part of our heritage and culture marking the legacy. Ayurveda in itself has the answer for many problems and we need not wander for the right solutions needed for each issue. Even diseases like cerebral palsy can be treated effectively by the right combinations of the treatment methodologies and the right ratio of the medicines which could be found out only after tedious efforts of researches and findings of years.
In this regard, we Jeevaniyam Ayurveda hospital and research center provide you with the best treatment methodologies for one of the most serious conditions among children-cerebral palsy. Our treatment methodologies are based upon the research results conducted by the Department of pediatrics of Kottakkal Ayurveda College. Cerebral palsy being one of most challenging conditions too has to be handled with utmost care and could be done with the expert panel of doctors of years of experience and the researchers of utmost knowledge.
Ayurveda finds the method of resolving cerebral palsy with the ultimate aim of Neuronal plasticity. Neuro plasticity is the brain's ability to reorganize itself by forming new neural connections throughout life. Neuroplasticity allows the neurons (nerve cells) in the brain to compensate for injury and disease and to adjust their activities in response to new situations or to changes in their environment. So that, in spite of the damaged nerve cells, brain manages itself to acclimatize with the existing neurons and control and coordinate life activities with them.
The unique treatment methodology of Jeevaniyam for Cerebral palsy includes two important treatments. ”Rookshana” and “Snehana”. The treatment is a 14 day treatment which is done at a gap of 6 months. Rookshana and Snehana find its best application in sorting out a way to help the children suffering from cerebral palsy. Rookshana and Snehana aim at the final result of Neuroplasticity. These both treatments when provided in right combination can bring out wonders which have proven to be true. The treatment method includes different types of nasyas, medicated oil massages for both head and body.
Along with the special treatment methods for Cerebral Palsy, other sessions included are physiotherapy, speech therapy etc. These therapies promise better physical fitness when combined with the treatment methodologies for Cerebral Palsy.
Jeevaniyam provides not only the treatment, but also we provide education to children on a regular school basis on Monday to Friday from morning till noon as a 10 months package. This interactive, cognitive session helps the children to cope up with the society and to have a normal life as all other children of their age. In order to help children have a regular life and to face the harsh reality, these educational sessions help them to a real extend.
Children are gifts of God. But at times, they may not be complete. But as per the believes, children with small shortcomings stand very near to God and are real replicas of God itself. With today’s innovative neo methodologies, cerebral palsy is no more to be feared, instead faced with much strength. As far as we are there to help, nothing’s there to fear!

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