Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Break the walls of Sensory Processing Disorders through Sensory Integration Therapy !!!

Is your kid suffering from any of the sensory processing disorders ?? Are you looking for the best treatments that helps your kid to get relief from sensory processing disorder ??

On october, world celebrate sensory awareness month with aim of raising the sensory processing disorder(SPD) awareness. Autism and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder(ADHD) are the serious sensory processing disorder which affects the interaction and the social communication of the affected individual. In india, 10 million people are affected with autism. It is comparatively higher than the western countries. This is because of the lack of advanced techniques and improper diagnosis. According to statistics of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one in every 45 children is born with autism spectrum disorder. In western countries, they use sensory integration therapy which is the advanced treatment for treating SPD. Many of them, in india are not aware about this therapy. What is Sensory integration therapy ?? It is used for helping out the kids affected with sensory processing issues. Jeevaniyam Ayurveda Hospital and Research Center Provides Sensory Integration Therapy for Differently Abled.

Self regulations, sensory information is efficiently organized, improved functions in home and school, actively involving and exploring the environments, maximized functional ability for performing recreational and daily activities are some Benefits of the Sensory Integration Therapy.

What is the Importance of Sensory Integration Therapy ??
Sensory integration is the process of senses working together. This helps us to play, learn and interact in this world. Sensory integration process is happening in the brain. Sensation and perception include in this process. Sensation is the passive process which brings information into the body from the environment and later this information is send into brain. In the case of perception, it is the active process which choose, organize and interpret information brought into the brain by various senses.

Sensory organs absorbs energy from physical stimulus in the environment. Sensory receptors, then convert this energy into neural impulses, then send to brain. When brain receives this impulses, it organises the information and translate to something meaningful.     This referred as perception. Brain has the ability to discriminate between important and irrelevant. If the brain fails to be active in this process, individual faces Sensory Integration Issues that include Hyposensitivity and Hypersensitivity which are the main reasons for autism and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder(adhd). In this situation, the importance of sensory integration therapy and sensory diets is raising up. Sensory diets is the sensory integration therapy which has personalized activity plan for improving the 5 senses like sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch to stimulate the brain. Sensory diet should include proprioceptive (gives information about your body position without looking at them) and vestibular (gives balance and movement of the body).

Sensory integration therapy is very successful in western countries. They use this techniques for the effective treatments of autism, adhd and other sensory integration issues. Jeevaniyam ayurveda hospital and research center posses the department of sensory integration with the aim of providing the best sensory integration therapy in India at an affordable cost.
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