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Confused Parents? Learn - "How To Control Sexual Behaviour In Autistic Children"

Autistic kids and their parents face numerous challenges throughout their growth phases and ADOLESCENCE is one of the tedious, yet beautiful phase of their lives. But, at times it becomes difficult for them to deal with the hurdles they face during this phase, especially when it comes controlling the sexual behaviour in the autistic kids. We, at Jeevaniyam, is here to help you understand the reasons, and the solutions to surpass the struggles you’ve been through with your autistic child.


Is it common for the autistic kids to show sexual behaviour?

        First and foremost, the most important thing to be understood, is that, like any other adolescent kid, autistic kids too will have hormonal changes, leading to sexual behaviours and sexual curiosity. It is absolutely okay if your kid shows sexual behaviour, but it has to be moulded to be controlled in public and among strangers.

Why does my kid not get along with the changes in him?

        As any kid without ASD, a kid with ASD also undergoes physical changes and maturation. The aggressive behaviour and the sexuality in them are accounted to the hormonal wave they might be through. But, the emotional plate or the sexual urge in them at a mental level might not be appropriate, and synchronous with the changes he feels.

When are their sexual behaviours inappropriate?

        At times, kids may tend to touch their own private parts unknowingly.  Due to the lack of knowledge, they may even touch others. Masturbation in public, obscene gestures or disrobing are all found to be done by autistic kids in the ignorance of adolescence and the norms they need to follow in public. It also counts when menstrual hygiene is not maintained, in cases of girls.

Should I suppress the sexual behaviour in my child as it is inappropriate?

        No! Controlling doesn't mean to suppress. Sexual behaviour is common and when it becomes inappropriate as in autistic children, it has to be controlled, not suppressed. Also, debarring them from sexual behaviour in public should not convey the wrong message of never involving in sexual behaviour. They must be taught when and where to do and not do sexual activities.

How can I teach my kid about appropriate sexual behaviour?

        A child before hitting the puberty should be slowly trained to be aware of the changes he/she will face. Diverting the child from conditions of inappropriate sexual behaviour is the first step. If he constantly touches his private parts, either restrict him from it or distract him from the action. When he is instructed not to do so, and then he does the same, do not forget to appreciate the good in him. Consistency in the teaching and training is very important in helping your child understand the “norms”.

What are the steps that can be done for my child?

        Autistic children must be brought to a condition where they can take a psycho- decision on their own. Psychological counselling on the sexual behaviour is found to have a positive impact on the kids. Sexual education has an important role too. Along with these, good training is ought to be given to developing social skills, self-care skills in the kids so as to perceive the education they receive regarding sexual behaviour.

How is society supposed to react?

    Understanding autistic kids and their behaviour flaws are very important. Like anyone else, they too will have the sexual maturity and show sexual behaviour. But, it is their medical condition disallowing them to distinguish between inappropriate and appropriate. Society must give a room for them too among us. Social acceptance can be the best medicine that you can provide them, so as to help them improve.

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