Saturday, 6 October 2018

Let’s Rekindle The Views, This World Palsy Day

October 6th- World Cerebral Palsy Day

The day of happiness and pride, for over 17 million children facing cerebral palsy all over the globe. Rather being a single day of remembrance, the day is a reminder of the many facts which have been given out by the children and their family.

Cerebral Palsy, the congenital disorder of muscle movement, posture and muscle tone is usually caused due to the delay in the first cry of the baby, retaining oxygen to the brain. The kids usually suffer from the damages affecting their vision, hearing and sensing. It can delay in reaching the milestones of a child. The child may also suffer from the learning disabilities, making it harder for them to make up to a social life at times.

Ayurveda finds the deep causes of cerebral palsy to be multifactorial. Hence Ayurveda treats according to the conditions of the child, in a more personalized manner. Massage therapies using herbal and medicated oils help in the betterment of the muscle function. Panchakarma therapies have been found to be effective in healing the physical constraints felt by the patient. Also, Ayurveda treatment procedures like Nasya, Abhyangam etc can help the patient in a very effective way. Using the herbal medicines inside and out have been proved to improve the cognitive skills, muscle strength etc.

We, at Jeevaniyam with the years of experience in natural treatment for cerebral palsy, also include treatment packages for the children which have found to be on point to improve the nerve conduction and muscular coordination. We also try to include yoga sessions for the children to help them in achieving the inner peace and muscle flexibility. You can get the best cerebral palsy treatment in Ayurveda Kochi from Jeevaniyam.

More than being a day of awareness, today must be the day of realization of creating a barrier-free environment and a welcoming society for the kids and families suffering from cerebral palsy. Creating working environments that can help them boost their confidence and trust in life must be made a reality using the technologies, opportunities and moreover humanity, in this era of multi latitudinal perspectives. Providing a heal in the social and spiritual sectors must become a  priority too for the kids. Let’s make it a better world for them, together!
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Tuesday, 24 July 2018

No More To Worry About Cerebral Palsy - Ayurveda Treats!

Cerebral Palsy, one of the very common congenital disease conditions happening in children with a high rate of incidence. Cerebral Palsy, commonly abbreviated as CP does not have a definite treatment solution. Still, Ayurveda finds its own methods to help the children and their parents to cope up with the alleys of CP. We, at Jeevaniyam Ayurveda hospital and Research Centre, try to bring in our procedure of treatment helping to reduce the aggressiveness of CP in children and bring back the smile on your kid’s face making it a happy phase for him/ her. 

What is Cerebral Palsy?

Cerebral Palsy is the congenial neurological issue affecting the body movement, muscle tone, coordination, reflux and motor skills.


What are the reasons for CP?

CP can be caused primarily due to the delay in the first cry of the baby causing the deficiency of oxygen in the developing areas of the brain. If the mother experiences the traumatic conditions of pneumonia, jaundice, malnutrition or an injury during the conception time, it can also cause CP in children.


 How can I know if my kid suffers from Cerebral Palsy?

    • Variations in muscle tone
    • Delay in achieving the motor- skill milestones.
    • Delay in speaking abilities.
    • Deformities in the child muscle growth
    • Seizures

If the above few symptoms appear in your kid, delay not to reach out to your kid’s doctor! It can be CP that has been worrying your kid.


How does Ayurveda consider CP?

Ayurveda considers CP to be a multifactorial disease condition of Sahaja(hereditary), jataja(psychosomatic) and garbhaja(cognition). In spite of not having a complete cure for CP, Ayurveda finds its own methods of cure to help the child cope up with the pain and agony, as well as to improve the child's day to day life activities.


How does Ayurveda treat CP?

Ayurveda concentrates on the treatment for Vata Vyadhi to handle the symptoms of CP. Panchakarma treatments along with the classical Ayurveda treatments of Abhyangam, Nasya, Pothichil has been found to bring in marvellous changes in the child. Additional internal medications using the Ayurveda medicinal herbs and medicated oils prove how Ayurveda can manage CP in children.


How can Jeevaniyam help in this?

Jeevaniyam can treat CP using the effective 14-day protocol that is the combination of Rooksha and Sidha therapies. Rookshana cleanses the channels, allowing an uninterrupted flow of body fluids. The protocol includes the medicated oil massages for head and body like Udvarthanam, Prakardhara, Thalapothichil and Advingam along with the Panchakarma therapies like Nasyam and Vasthi.

What are the benefits my child can get through this?

The treatment protocol, when administered at an interval of 6 months, has brought in the comprehensive advancement of your child. The treatments can help your child in the overall betterment in child growth, development, cognition, hypertonicity of the muscles, reducing spasticity and spasm of muscles etc.


Is there any other treatment supplementing to treat CP?

Along with the Ayurveda treatments, at Jeevaniyam, we try to include physiotherapy, sensory integration therapy and occupational therapies improve the muscle strength and sensory integration. Ayurveda helps in maintaining the equilibrium of the mental health and physical well being. We, at Jeevaniyam also integrate Yoga as part of the lifestyle for your child to gain control over his/her body and mind.

Are you searching for natural treatment for cerebral palsy in Kerala? Come directly to Jeevaniyam. Jeevaniyam is known as the best Ayurveda hospital in Kochi. You can get the best cerebral palsy treatment in Ayurveda in Kochi. Jeevaniyam provides special care and opportunities for your kid to gain academic excellence too while undergoing the treatments. We provide intense academic sessions too as an integral part of their educational programme.
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Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Confused Parents? Learn - "How To Control Sexual Behaviour In Autistic Children"

Autistic kids and their parents face numerous challenges throughout their growth phases and ADOLESCENCE is one of the tedious, yet beautiful phase of their lives. But, at times it becomes difficult for them to deal with the hurdles they face during this phase, especially when it comes controlling the sexual behaviour in the autistic kids. We, at Jeevaniyam, is here to help you understand the reasons, and the solutions to surpass the struggles you’ve been through with your autistic child.

Is it common for the autistic kids to show sexual behaviour?

        First and foremost, the most important thing to be understood, is that, like any other adolescent kid, autistic kids too will have hormonal changes, leading to sexual behaviours and sexual curiosity. It is absolutely okay if your kid shows sexual behaviour, but it has to be moulded to be controlled in public and among strangers.

Why does my kid not get along with the changes in him?

        As any kid without ASD, a kid with ASD also undergoes physical changes and maturation. The aggressive behaviour and the sexuality in them are accounted to the hormonal wave they might be through. But, the emotional plate or the sexual urge in them at a mental level might not be appropriate, and synchronous with the changes he feels.

When are their sexual behaviours inappropriate?

        At times, kids may tend to touch their own private parts unknowingly.  Due to the lack of knowledge, they may even touch others. Masturbation in public, obscene gestures or disrobing are all found to be done by autistic kids in the ignorance of adolescence and the norms they need to follow in public. It also counts when menstrual hygiene is not maintained, in cases of girls.

Should I suppress the sexual behaviour in my child as it is inappropriate?

        No! Controlling doesn't mean to suppress. Sexual behaviour is common and when it becomes inappropriate as in autistic children, it has to be controlled, not suppressed. Also, debarring them from sexual behaviour in public should not convey the wrong message of never involving in sexual behaviour. They must be taught when and where to do and not do sexual activities.

How can I teach my kid about appropriate sexual behaviour?

        A child before hitting the puberty should be slowly trained to be aware of the changes he/she will face. Diverting the child from conditions of inappropriate sexual behaviour is the first step. If he constantly touches his private parts, either restrict him from it or distract him from the action. When he is instructed not to do so, and then he does the same, do not forget to appreciate the good in him. Consistency in the teaching and training is very important in helping your child understand the “norms”.

What are the steps that can be done for my child?

        Autistic children must be brought to a condition where they can take a psycho- decision on their own. Psychological counselling on the sexual behaviour is found to have a positive impact on the kids. Sexual education has an important role too. Along with these, good training is ought to be given to developing social skills, self-care skills in the kids so as to perceive the education they receive regarding sexual behaviour.

How is society supposed to react?

    Understanding autistic kids and their behaviour flaws are very important. Like anyone else, they too will have the sexual maturity and show sexual behaviour. But, it is their medical condition disallowing them to distinguish between inappropriate and appropriate. Society must give a room for them too among us. Social acceptance can be the best medicine that you can provide them, so as to help them improve.

Jeevaniyam Ayurveda hospital and Research centre is popularly known as the best Ayurveda hospital in Ernakulam. We are mainly working for the special kids with autism. The best program for controlling sexual behaviour in autistic kids is provided by us.
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Saturday, 14 April 2018

Autism - Step 1 : Detoxification; Jeevaniyam To Hold The Key

Autism is one of the most important medical challenges in a child and sometimes, one of the biggest hurdles their parents have to face. While the incidence of autism is on the rise day by day, it has become difficult to face the scenario and bring it under control. Ayurveda seeks the ultimate solution for the condition of autism through its serene treatment methodologies based on the real reason or the root cause. Jeevaniyam, based on the root principles of Ayurveda treats autism in the best ever possible way uprooted in the principle of treating the cause.

Autistic disorder treatment Kerala

Autistic kids are believed to be having a high level of toxins in their body which forms the sole reason for the associated illness in the kids. The systemic intoxication in the kids is in the form of increased levels of toxic heavy metals, deficiency of essential metals and elements, imbalance of vata processes in the body etc. As per Ayurveda, the higher levels of toxins can be quite harmful to the kid. It can cause serious impacts on the learning, socializing capabilities of the kids. The high level of lead can affect the cognitive capabilities of the kid, the raising level of arsenic is harmful to health and likewise many more.

Autism treatment in ayurveda Kochi

The high toxin level in autistic kids is majorly caused due to the intake of inappropriate food that does not meet the digestive efficiency, causing accumulation of the toxins thus formed, in the body. These toxins, until and unless removed through the appropriate points in the body can bring in the complexities of the autistic child. Panchakarma, one of the gifts Ayurveda has ever gifted the world is one of the detoxifying methodologies adapted to disperse the toxins to the vulnerable points within the body.

We, at Jeevaniyam, have devised the best ever unique and special protocol for detoxifying the autistic kids, thereby avoiding the basic cause of all. Through the efficient treatment methodologies using internal medicines, physiotherapies, Panchakarma therapy etc, the inner gut issues get solved resulting in better mental functioning and ability.

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Friday, 6 April 2018

Swimming To Solve The Chaos Of Hyperactivity In Children

Hyperactivity is the medical condition in children when the physical movements of the kid are too fast and uncontrollable due to the excess energy they have. Hyperactivity is considered as one of the classic symptoms of ADHD- Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Fast brain impulses are also the part of hyperactivity due to which their actions too are swift and quick.

Ayurveda Treatment for Hyperactivity in Kerala

Hyperactivity has its own ways to treat the kids, but still we, at Jeevaniyam do suggest some of the other methods too to handle the hyperactivity in the kids. The water is an amazing scope for the kids with ADHD. Swimming has been found to be a very helpful and powerful method of tackling hyperactivity. Children with ADHD who have been continuously forced and restricted to be enclosed in a framework designed for "them" may find swimming and interaction with water to be much relaxing and less frustrating.

Breath Control - Core Attention

The breath control which the children are made to practice is actually a form of meditation for them so as to increase the attention span of the kids. Also, Jeevaniyam plans the swimming training for the hyperactive kids so as to improve their concentration through the arm- feet- coordination while swimming.


Swimming - Energy Release

Hyperactive children have a lot of energy in them, that they get injured usually on a regular basis and swimming can be a very good option for them to let out the excess energy they always have. Swimming can be one of the best ways to help them divert their hyperactiveness.

best hyperactivity treatment in Ernakulam


Swimming has been found to improve the self-esteem, confidence, health and team spirit in the kids and it has been clinically proven.

We, at Jeevaniyam, try to provide a chance for the kids to beat the challenges they face through effective, interactive and interesting methods. We also advise the parents not to be worried to let your hyperactive kids be fond of water and swimming. Jeevaniyam is famous for the Ayurveda treatment for hyperactivity in Kerala.

Nothing can beat the innocent happiness of your kid and we, Jeevaniyam tries our best for the same.
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Thursday, 1 March 2018

Trataka- The Third Eye Opener For Visual Integration

Trataka, one of the six cleansing methodologies of Yoga, is the practice of looking intently with an unwavering gaze at a small point like a black dot, a candle flame, or a small object until tears are shed. Then closing the eyes, he needs to pay attention to the afterimage.  The breathing exercises that aid the procedure bring in more space for attention and calmness.

trataka for visual integration

Kundalini Yoga, the concept of dharma considers the pineal gland to be the third eye of humankind. The control of the blink reflex can stimulate the pineal gland. Trataka improves the concentration and moreover have proved to be bringing marvelous results in the visual integration. There have been clinical experiments and analysis whose results prove the role of trataka in improving the visual concentration.

Trataka is said to be a solution for all of the eye problems, as said in Hatha Yoga Pradipika. Trataka eradicates fatigue and closes the entire doorway to the problems that affect the eyes. It also has the effect of improving or correcting the short-sightedness. Eyes are considered as the doorways to the mind.The mind becomes fixed and unmoving with ceased and deepened thoughts when eyes concentrate on the point. It brings in a whole new level of energy, calmness, and relaxation by avoiding the anxiety and tensions. We are not all visual people, but practicing this technique will improve that sense. Trataka, when practiced every morning as a part of the meditation for a considerable amount of time, can bring in the momentum for a fresh start each day.

trataka for visual integration

Not all the proceedings are meant to be general for all, but instead, each individual needs specially categorized chart of procedures and treatments. We, at Jeevaniyam, care to do the same. Special yoga procedures that include trataka for the visual integration has been one of the most important care that we provide. We do care to bring in the peace and sharpness that you’ve ever wanted by increasing the visual integration.

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Wednesday, 28 February 2018


Vestibular integration is one of the important senses for a human and it is one of the earliest developed senses for a fetus. The vestibular system in the inner ear maintains the balance of the body and it helps to maintain the equilibrium and balance of body posture. But, at times, the senses do not get integrated well, as in the cases of vertigo causing many issues to lead a normal, healthy life.
yoga and vestibular integration

But not to worry when there are effective solutions for the same problems right here in our own culture and soil. Yoga, more than being a physical, mental, and spiritual discipline, it is a lifestyle which has the key to solve most of the problems. Yoga in general increases the muscle flexibility improves the energy, maintains a balanced metabolism and protects from injury.

yoga and vestibular integration

People with sensory issues especially those facing vestibular integration find it really hard and difficult to do yoga just because they are afraid of collapsing while performing it. But, the reality is the other way round. Even though initially they may find it difficult to do the yoga postures, Yoga provides you with many poses and exercises to build better balance and thus to solve the sensory integration issues.  Vrksasana, tadasana, utkasana, garudasana are few of the poses that help you gain better control over the body. When the body balance gets improved, it naturally increases the confidence too. Fast paced vinyasa have to be avoided and instead, enough time must be given to set the postures, moving from one to another posture. Yoga blocks and props if used can improve the stability of the body. The breathing exercises improve the ability of the brain to unite with the mind setting it free and clear.  

Yoga when practiced along with the medications, have proved to be producing tremendous change and bringing out inspiring steps.
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Friday, 2 February 2018


Brahmi, scientifically Bacopa Monnieri, natural nootropic, one of the boons of Ayurveda is highly effective in supporting focus, cognition, memory, increasing communication between neurons and reducing anxiety & stress. Modern researchers have clearly mentioned about the role of Brahmi as a treatment in several neurological diseases including epilepsy, dementia, schizophrenia, and Alzheimer's disease.

Active constituents in Brahmi include alkaloids, sterols, saponins, stigmasterol, beta-sitosterol etc. The most important alkaloids present in Brahmi are brahmine, nicotinine, and herpestine. The bacosides present in Brahmi have an anti-depressant activity.

The Brahmi not only affects the brain but also helps in:

    • promoting liver health
    • protection against neonatal hypoglycemia
    • cures systemic redness and swelling
    • maintains normal blood pressure
    • strong antioxidant activity.

Brahmi has a significant role in bringing the 3 neurotransmitters, serotonin, dopamine and GABA into balance. It also increases the production of acetylcholine, which is helpful for memory and learning. Parkinson’s disease affecting the production of dopamine can be brought into control using Brahmi’s role in balancing dopamine and discouraging neural degeneration. Brahmi also has a significant role in improving the neuronal networking thus improving the higher mental functioning.

Even though Brahmi is a cure, sometimes, when taken at inappropriate levels causes many side effects which are not so welcoming. If the dosage of Brahmi is too large for a particular individual, it may cause a headache. Brahmi also has the power of relaxing the nervous system. But if the level of intake of Brahmi increases it can even lead to the loss of consciousness. Brahmi is not advised in people with low heart rate conditions, bradycardia. The gut-brain theory explains the disorientation of brain due to gut issues and vice versa. Hence, any issue related to the brain cannot just be cured by Brahmi, instead, the root cause of the problem has to be sought out. Also, any gut problem if prevalent has to be cured first. Brahmi, when used in the ample quantity in the right proportions can help the higher order mental functioning thus bringing the balance of the mind and the brain.
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