Sunday, 5 March 2017

Melodious Music Therapy To Enhance Skills Among ASD Kids

Autism is a complex disability that affects verbal, cognitive and social abilities of children. It can be generally noticed within three years from child birth.

What is music therapy?
This therapy uses music and makes interactions between the children and teachers to impart specific skill sets. For ASD children music therapy supports the kids with interactive musical activities to improve communication and social skills.
Music is a special medium that enriches happiness among all. Music therapy helps to reduce the emotional stress, enhance memory, and improves communication. The intervention of music among autistic children improves the social behaviour, increases attention, improves communication attempts, improves body awareness, coordination and reduces anxiety, all these has been proved by clinical study and research by Journal of Music Therapy in 2004. The children and adults with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) respond well to music.

The idea behind music therapy:
The autistic children can communicate with musical activities such as playing instruments, songwriting, singing and listening to music instead of using words for communication. The therapist uses musical activities to teach new skills to the kids. A music therapist might write lyrics on specific behaviour for an autistic child. Even the therapists can sing the lyrics to the well-known melody of the songs to the kids. The child will be able to grasp the information sung in the song than spoken information.
Music therapy generally involves the following stages:
Assessment: First of all the therapist assesses an autistic child to find the need. Music therapy is often used along with other ASD therapies so that the therapist might consult the child’s doctor or other therapists.
Goal-setting: This is an individualized program based on a child’s need.
Activities: The activities are designed in such a way to meet a child’s individual needs. These could include singing, working in groups, improvising, songwriting etc.,
Evaluation: To ensure the program response, it has been regularly evaluated.

Jeevaniyam Ayurveda Hospital & Research Centre offers cosmic services to the special kids with autism and other disabilities. Our music therapy clinically showed many improvements among special kids.

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