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Sensory Integration Therapy in Kochi

It is a term for a process in the normal brain which combines various sensory messages in order to form coherent information on which we act. Basically everything we do needs Sensory Integration.

What happens in children with Autism?

The normal process can be missing, badly organized also seen in ADHD.


Types of behaviors when sensory integration systems are not functioning well.

Over reaction to noise
Dislikes to touch or cuddle
Screams when hair combed ,washed ,bathed or dressed

As a theory

Sensory integration is a dynamic and ecological theory that specifies the critical influence of sensory process on human development and function

  • It contributes to understand how sensation affects
  • Learning
  • Social-emotional delivery
  • Neurophysiological process
  • Motor process
  • Affect
  • Arousal
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Sensory system affected – hypersensitivity or hyposensitivity is one among the prime disturbances in autism and other special conditions. This creates social or emotional problems and widely intervenes with every exposed aspects of the child with unusually high or low activity level that, difficulty with transitions from one situation to another, inability to calm self or unwind and thus isolated in a social set up.

This therapy uses repetitive exercises to help a child experience touch and other sensations more accurately. Timely Audio integration, visual integration, olfactory integration along with such repetitive exercises can have revolutionary results.

Self-regulations, improved function in school, home and community, improved independence with activities of daily living (ADLs), maximized functional ability to perform daily and recreational activities, efficient organization of sensory information are the prime goals.

Jeevaniyam Ayurveda Hospital and Research Center provides Best Sensory Integration Therapy in Kochi with the help of dedicated team of doctors and other staff. Other than autism they also concentrates on the treatment of Cerebral Palsy, Learning Disabilities and Mental Retardation etc.
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