Thursday, 10 November 2016

Dybiosis Treatment for Autism Childern

An imbalanced natural flora of the digestive tract is called dysbiosis. Natural flora is nothing but they are bacteria found in or on our bodies without causing diseases. The unhealthy bacteria have high potency of overgrowing that develops inflammation, decreased nutrition level absorption and impairs the development is the autistic cases. Probiotics or natural, balanced good flora in the gut is important for regulating immune function. Overgrowth of unhealthy microbes or lack of good bacteria causes major troubles in children with developmental disorders.

Autism children usually have a chronic digestive disorder four times higher than their peers. The exact cause for such gut problem is not yet stated clearly by the medical research. But it has been said that there are many triggers and possible causes of the chronic disorder as an add-on to the genetic component.
It is very difficult to explain the problem for ASD children since they do have verbal problems. The untold problem would increase the ailment level as well as the children may not be able to concentrate on the regular activities. As a result of such pain and discomfort, they will feel irritated, make self-injuries and get aggravated.

Some non-verbal signs of gastrointestinal distress are diarrhea, constipation, abdominal clutching and back pain, poor sleep, abdominal pain and bloating.
Why do these special kids have declined good microbe level?
There is a general problem with autistic children that they won’t have proper breastfeeding. The good microbes transfer from the mother’s milk to the child will safeguard GI tract from unhealthy bacteria and toxins. This behavioral problem might cause later GI problems due to the insufficient level of Probiotics contained in mother’s milk.

Autism children are always choosy about their food that can lead to enzyme and nutrient deficiency. The deficiencies badly affect digestion of certain foods. The failure of healthy microbes might disturb the digestive process. Apart from dysbiosis behavioral adverse effects would be noticed among such special kids.

How to relieve the autism kids from dysbiosis?
Probiotics and Prebiotics along with Ayurveda medicines which enhance the digestion and metabolism , customised dietary practises based on body constitution ( Prakruthi ).

Jeevaniyam Ayurveda Hospital and Research Center, Kerala provides total health care for autistic kids with a team of dedicated doctors and staffs. Offering herbal medicines and therapies to correct the basic metabolism and help the children to void dysbiosis is our determination.