Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Helping Children With Autism - Jeevaniyam Style

  Its very hard to explain the situation of parents when they realize that their kid is affected by autism. Most of them will be out of mind and also in dilemma to choose the proper treatment so that their child can improve the lifestyle rather than curing autism. Both Ayurveda and western medicines are providing Autism Treatments. Indeed, western medicines can have side effects where Ayurveda have no such kind of issues. In Ayurveda, treatments will be started after rectifying the problems with the brain and also assessing the severity of autism. Ayurveda practices will help the autistic patients for improving their life. Grab the best Alternative Therapies for Autism by walking into Jeevaniyam Ayurveda Hospital and Research Center.

What makes Jeevaniyam Special??

Jeevaniyam offers the Research Treatments for autistic patients based on the test conducted in department of Ayurkam which is scheduled for 14 days and it include treatments for head along with body treatments. 

The main intention of these treatments is to provide the external stimulus for improving brain neuronal plasticity. Body treatments are done for reducing the tactile sensory issues. Different types of Dhara are done in head treatments. These should be repeated at an interval of 6 months. 
Benefits :
  • Correcting the digestion metabolism.
  • Improvement in sleep disorder, eye contact and learning disability.
  • After this treatments, the individual will be able to respond for the other treatments.
  • Improves the life of the individual.
Check out our Successful Stories in research treatment.

We assist special kids in every aspects of life which is truly based on evaluation and understanding of their biological condition. Jeevaniyam offers the advanced Ayurveda Treatment and Integrated Therapies for Autism in Kochi at an affordable cost. 


Together we can create a better world for autistic people!!!

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