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No More To Worry About Cerebral Palsy - Ayurveda Treats!

Cerebral Palsy, one of the very common congenital disease conditions happening in children with a high rate of incidence. Cerebral Palsy, commonly abbreviated as CP does not have a definite treatment solution. Still, Ayurveda finds its own methods to help the children and their parents to cope up with the alleys of CP. We, at Jeevaniyam Ayurveda hospital and Research Centre, try to bring in our procedure of treatment helping to reduce the aggressiveness of CP in children and bring back the smile on your kid’s face making it a happy phase for him/ her.


What is Cerebral Palsy?

Cerebral Palsy is the congenial neurological issue affecting the body movement, muscle tone, coordination, reflux and motor skills.


What are the reasons for CP?

CP can be caused primarily due to the delay in the first cry of the baby causing the deficiency of oxygen in the developing areas of the brain. If the mother experiences the traumatic conditions of pneumonia, jaundice, malnutrition or an injury during the conception time, it can also cause CP in children.


 How can I know if my kid suffers from Cerebral Palsy?

    • Variations in muscle tone
    • Delay in achieving the motor- skill milestones.
    • Delay in speaking abilities.
    • Deformities in the child muscle growth
    • Seizures

If the above few symptoms appear in your kid, delay not to reach out to your kid’s doctor! It can be CP that has been worrying your kid.


How does Ayurveda consider CP?

Ayurveda considers CP to be a multifactorial disease condition of Sahaja(hereditary), jataja(psychosomatic) and garbhaja(cognition). In spite of not having a complete cure for CP, Ayurveda finds its own methods of cure to help the child cope up with the pain and agony, as well as to improve the child's day to day life activities.


How does Ayurveda treat CP?

Ayurveda concentrates on the treatment for Vata Vyadhi to handle the symptoms of CP. Panchakarma treatments along with the classical Ayurveda treatments of Abhyangam, Nasya, Pothichil has been found to bring in marvellous changes in the child. Additional internal medications using the Ayurveda medicinal herbs and medicated oils prove how Ayurveda can manage CP in children.


How can Jeevaniyam help in this?

Jeevaniyam can treat CP using the effective 14-day protocol that is the combination of Rooksha and Sidha therapies. Rookshana cleanses the channels, allowing an uninterrupted flow of body fluids. The protocol includes the medicated oil massages for head and body like Udvarthanam, Prakardhara, Thalapothichil and Advingam along with the Panchakarma therapies like Nasyam and Vasthi.


What are the benefits my child can get through this?

The treatment protocol, when administered at an interval of 6 months, has brought in the comprehensive advancement of your child. The treatments can help your child in the overall betterment in child growth, development, cognition, hypertonicity of the muscles, reducing spasticity and spasm of muscles etc.


Is there any other treatment supplementing to treat CP?

Along with the Ayurveda treatments, at Jeevaniyam, we try to include physiotherapy, sensory integration therapy and occupational therapies improve the muscle strength and sensory integration. Ayurveda helps in maintaining the equilibrium of the mental health and physical well being. We, at Jeevaniyam also integrate Yoga as part of the lifestyle for your child to gain control over his/her body and mind.

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