Saturday, 6 October 2018

Let’s Rekindle The Views, This World Palsy Day

October 6th- World Cerebral Palsy Day

The day of happiness and pride, for over 17 million children facing cerebral palsy all over the globe. Rather being a single day of remembrance, the day is a reminder of the many facts which have been given out by the children and their family.

Cerebral Palsy, the congenital disorder of muscle movement, posture and muscle tone is usually caused due to the delay in the first cry of the baby, retaining oxygen to the brain. The kids usually suffer from the damages affecting their vision, hearing and sensing. It can delay in reaching the milestones of a child. The child may also suffer from the learning disabilities, making it harder for them to make up to a social life at times.

Ayurveda finds the deep causes of cerebral palsy to be multifactorial. Hence Ayurveda treats according to the conditions of the child, in a more personalized manner. Massage therapies using herbal and medicated oils help in the betterment of the muscle function. Panchakarma therapies have been found to be effective in healing the physical constraints felt by the patient. Also, Ayurveda treatment procedures like Nasya, Abhyangam etc can help the patient in a very effective way. Using the herbal medicines inside and out have been proved to improve the cognitive skills, muscle strength etc.

We, at Jeevaniyam with the years of experience in natural treatment for cerebral palsy, also include treatment packages for the children which have found to be on point to improve the nerve conduction and muscular coordination. We also try to include yoga sessions for the children to help them in achieving the inner peace and muscle flexibility. You can get the best cerebral palsy treatment in Ayurveda Kochi from Jeevaniyam.

More than being a day of awareness, today must be the day of realization of creating a barrier-free environment and a welcoming society for the kids and families suffering from cerebral palsy. Creating working environments that can help them boost their confidence and trust in life must be made a reality using the technologies, opportunities and moreover humanity, in this era of multi latitudinal perspectives. Providing a heal in the social and spiritual sectors must become a  priority too for the kids. Let’s make it a better world for them, together!
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