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Swimming To Solve The Chaos Of Hyperactivity In Children

Hyperactivity is the medical condition in children when the physical movements of the kid are too fast and uncontrollable due to the excess energy they have. Hyperactivity is considered as one of the classic symptoms of ADHD- Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Fast brain impulses are also the part of hyperactivity due to which their actions too are swift and quick.

Ayurveda Treatment for Hyperactivity in Kerala

Hyperactivity has its own ways to treat the kids, but still we, at Jeevaniyam do suggest some of the other methods too to handle the hyperactivity in the kids. The water is an amazing scope for the kids with ADHD. Swimming has been found to be a very helpful and powerful method of tackling hyperactivity. Children with ADHD who have been continuously forced and restricted to be enclosed in a framework designed for "them" may find swimming and interaction with water to be much relaxing and less frustrating.

Breath Control - Core Attention

The breath control which the children are made to practice is actually a form of meditation for them so as to increase the attention span of the kids. Also, Jeevaniyam plans the swimming training for the hyperactive kids so as to improve their concentration through the arm- feet- coordination while swimming.


Swimming - Energy Release

Hyperactive children have a lot of energy in them, that they get injured usually on a regular basis and swimming can be a very good option for them to let out the excess energy they always have. Swimming can be one of the best ways to help them divert their hyperactiveness.

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Swimming has been found to improve the self-esteem, confidence, health and team spirit in the kids and it has been clinically proven.

We, at Jeevaniyam, try to provide a chance for the kids to beat the challenges they face through effective, interactive and interesting methods. We also advise the parents not to be worried to let your hyperactive kids be fond of water and swimming. Jeevaniyam is famous for the Ayurveda treatment for hyperactivity in Kerala.

Nothing can beat the innocent happiness of your kid and we, Jeevaniyam tries our best for the same.
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