Thursday, 1 March 2018

Trataka- The Third Eye Opener For Visual Integration

Trataka, one of the six cleansing methodologies of Yoga, is the practice of looking intently with an unwavering gaze at a small point like a black dot, a candle flame, or a small object until tears are shed. Then closing the eyes, he needs to pay attention to the afterimage.  The breathing exercises that aid the procedure bring in more space for attention and calmness.

trataka for visual integration

Kundalini Yoga, the concept of dharma considers the pineal gland to be the third eye of humankind. The control of the blink reflex can stimulate the pineal gland. Trataka improves the concentration and moreover have proved to be bringing marvelous results in the visual integration. There have been clinical experiments and analysis whose results prove the role of trataka in improving the visual concentration.

Trataka is said to be a solution for all of the eye problems, as said in Hatha Yoga Pradipika. Trataka eradicates fatigue and closes the entire doorway to the problems that affect the eyes. It also has the effect of improving or correcting the short-sightedness. Eyes are considered as the doorways to the mind.The mind becomes fixed and unmoving with ceased and deepened thoughts when eyes concentrate on the point. It brings in a whole new level of energy, calmness, and relaxation by avoiding the anxiety and tensions. We are not all visual people, but practicing this technique will improve that sense. Trataka, when practiced every morning as a part of the meditation for a considerable amount of time, can bring in the momentum for a fresh start each day.

trataka for visual integration

Not all the proceedings are meant to be general for all, but instead, each individual needs specially categorized chart of procedures and treatments. We, at Jeevaniyam, care to do the same. Special yoga procedures that include trataka for the visual integration has been one of the most important care that we provide. We do care to bring in the peace and sharpness that you’ve ever wanted by increasing the visual integration.

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