Saturday, 14 April 2018

Autism - Step 1 : Detoxification; Jeevaniyam To Hold The Key

Autism is one of the most important medical challenges in a child and sometimes, one of the biggest hurdles their parents have to face. While the incidence of autism is on the rise day by day, it has become difficult to face the scenario and bring it under control. Ayurveda seeks the ultimate solution for the condition of autism through its serene treatment methodologies based on the real reason or the root cause. Jeevaniyam, based on the root principles of Ayurveda treats autism in the best ever possible way uprooted in the principle of treating the cause.

Autistic disorder treatment Kerala

Autistic kids are believed to be having a high level of toxins in their body which forms the sole reason for the associated illness in the kids. The systemic intoxication in the kids is in the form of increased levels of toxic heavy metals, deficiency of essential metals and elements, imbalance of vata processes in the body etc. As per Ayurveda, the higher levels of toxins can be quite harmful to the kid. It can cause serious impacts on the learning, socializing capabilities of the kids. The high level of lead can affect the cognitive capabilities of the kid, the raising level of arsenic is harmful to health and likewise many more.

Autism treatment in ayurveda Kochi

The high toxin level in autistic kids is majorly caused due to the intake of inappropriate food that does not meet the digestive efficiency, causing accumulation of the toxins thus formed, in the body. These toxins, until and unless removed through the appropriate points in the body can bring in the complexities of the autistic child. Panchakarma, one of the gifts Ayurveda has ever gifted the world is one of the detoxifying methodologies adapted to disperse the toxins to the vulnerable points within the body.

We, at Jeevaniyam, have devised the best ever unique and special protocol for detoxifying the autistic kids, thereby avoiding the basic cause of all. Through the efficient treatment methodologies using internal medicines, physiotherapies, Panchakarma therapy etc, the inner gut issues get solved resulting in better mental functioning and ability.

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