Saturday, 17 June 2017

Inclusion - Mainstream life, special needs or not

The world around us has all types of people. Some of us may be lucky enough to have a great childhood and have a normal life. But some may have special needs, due to various challenges and learning difficulties. If any of these anomalies exist for any kid, is the kid responsible for it? What is his mistake? Such children are said to be more close to God and are considered as dear ones to him, whom we call as special needs children. Yes, their abilities are quite different from the rest of the people and should be appreciated in the way which is required.

What is Inclusion?

Inclusion is the principle of allowing the differently abled/ special needs children to mingle, study and to be with the normal kids during their learning hours and break time. The concept of inclusion aims to provide the extra considerations that these children need along with the same treatment dished out to normal children, at every stage of growing up. It advocates the avoidance of the special schools in the society and encourages that these children be educated at the regular schools.

The philosophy behind inclusive education is to promote opportunities for all children to participate, learn and have equal treatment, irrespective of their mental or physical abilities.

Children with special needs may have mild learning disabilities or profound cognitive impairment. Some parents will always mourn their child's lost potential, and some other families may find that their child's challenges make triumphs sweeter and that weaknesses are often accompanied by amazing strengths.

Embracing strengths to uncover true potential

Inclusion is more than an educational system for the special children. It is an exposure to them. It is a chance for them to interact with the world which is unfamiliar to them. All of us know of parents who have had to struggle with school managements for admissions because of the special needs of their children. Many have had to put their life on hold because of the lack of co-operation of the educational system.

Inclusion needs a lot of requirements if it has to be successful. It includes having a balanced curriculum that is appropriate for all categories of children, teachers who have the ability to handle the individual needs within the classroom and thereby promote an environment where personal development, social skills and student participation are strongly recommended. Participation is the key to academic inclusion and we have to ensure that the participation of the children with special needs in all mainstream activities happens to the best of their abilities.

Learning by example

The settings of a regular classroom and the students can help the children with special needs develop social skills as well. Children are known to learn and reproduce whatever they see in front of their eyes. Learn by example is their psychological characteristic. So, for those special children, there lies better examples in front of them for the right behavior, character etc.
Inclusion helps them to get together with the world. It helps them make better, strong, friendships which can shape their lives. This kind of support also aids in the progress of special children and helps them gain confidence within the school environment.

Inclusion in India

Special children have the right to education and to mingle with the society. In India, a majority of children with special needs do not receive any formal education, in spite of the practice of inclusive education in some schools. This is because children with disabilities and learning deficiencies are segregated from mainstream schools and other regular routines and social activities of normal children. The unwillingness to accept them as who they are is the major issue that is concerned with the upbringing of the children with special needs.

The society doesn’t feel that it is a social responsibility to up bring them and help them have a bright future so as to attain the social equality and overall social progress. Instead they consider it as the sole responsibility of the parents. This thought has to be changed as it is no more than contributing to the decay of our social roots.

If we could give them a chance, what’s to say that another scientist like Einstein or a wonderful artist or an eminent entrepreneur comes out? It Come, it is time to change the traditional thoughts and to break the usual. Let us build a safer, secure world for our brothers and sisters too….

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